QUIKO swing gate openers are suitable for both residential and industrial use.
The wide range includes linear arms, articulated arm automation and underground systems. Moreover, QUIKO linear arms are available in both the electro-mechanic and hydraulic versions.
Every QUIKO swing gate opener includes a manual release system to operate the gate manually in case of power failure and a backup battery system can be supplied as an option on low voltage operators. Our openers are characterised by their extreme ease of installation and use. Each operator is available either as a complete and easy ready-to-install swing gate kit or just as a single gearmotor.
Select your QUIKO sliding gate operator and automate practically every type of sliding gate, suitable for both residential and industrial use.
Several sliding gate openers are available either with or without a mechanical clutch, available as 230/110V or 24V operated. The 24V versions can be operated by battery, allowing the sliding gate kit to work even in case of complete electrical failure.
The ready-to-install sliding gate kits available at QUIKO, contain all the components required by European CE Directives and ensure the installer, an easy installation process. All the sliding gate openers are fully tested under all environmental conditions and are suitable for installation in every country in the world.
Whatever kind of rolling shutter, awning or swinging shutter you wish to automate, QUIKO offers you a perfect solution. Explore our catalogue and discover the PUMA and TWINGO automation series.
PUMA is the full range of tubular motors designed to automate any kind of domestic rolling shutter or awning. Every PUMA series tubular motor comes with built-in limit switches and a specific tool to set them up easily.
TWINGO is our range of shutter motors for swinging shutters. With TWINGO you can easily automate either window based swinging shutters or even swinging garage doors.
QUIKO introduces their new line of automatic door openers, capable of automating either single or double leaf sliding doors.
Every QUIKO automatic door opener is produced with top quality components and features the latest technologies for the safety and convenience of the user. Each automatic sliding door operator from QUIKO is compliant to the latest European directives and includes in-built premium quality standards. Functions such as slow-down and obstacle detection are but two of the features that every QUIKO sliding door product includes. 
QUIKO industrial door openers are suitable for every kind of industrial door. Either folding doors, sectional doors or double sliding doors can be automated with HERCULES PLUS industrial door motors.
The high torque available with our industrial door opener is accompanied by an extreme silence of operation.  Every motor has a built-in manual release system, to unlock the motor manually in case of power failure.
Every QUIKO industrial door motor has been designed and built to last for many years; being made of top quality and long lasting materials. Our industrial door openers are practically silent in operation and therefore unobtrusive in the work environment.
Designed to automate and protect: here is the motto that QUIKO used to create the ICARUS, PARKY and CENTURION product ranges. Each of them offering a specific solution in the management of parking and urban area management. 
Automatic Barrier. ICARUS constitutes a full line of automated barriers, including both high speed and intensive commercial use models. A backup battery system is also available for the low voltage models of the ICARUS series.
CENTURION represents the ultimate security barrier. Each one of our rising bollards has been designed and tested to resist high impact forces and work smoothly yet reliably in all environmental conditions. 
PARKY is a complete and professional solution for parking management: equipment offered includes automatic payment with automated entry and exit stations, being just some of the hundreds of possible configurations that you can have to create your own parking system.
Secure and protect your premises by giving access to permitted visitors only. 
Domino access control systems from QUIKO include a complete range for the management of access control with features like transponder card readers, magnetic card readers, and anti-vandal keypads. This equipment is available in either stand-alone or control board controlled versions for more security; moreover, the resin-encapsulated electronics ensures maximum security. 
With the wide range of control boards available, up to 4000 users can be registered with 2 doors being managed by each control board. Functions such as a memory of events and anti-pass-back are just some of the modern features that the Domino series access control systems offer.
The QUIKO range of hands-free opening devices satisfies various types of demands, from those simpler to those more professional. It is composed by two new series of product, AMBROGIO and FALCON, which allow, in different ways, to simply give the opening command to an electric gate approaching it with a car.
AMBROGIO is a long-range transponder system and it is studied for both civil and industrial use while FALCON is an advanced license plate recognition system and it is particularly suitable to an industrial use which requires high security.